CBCE 2021

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The Cremation Society of Great Britain

The Cremation Society of Great Britain

The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities

The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities


CDS Group

The CDS Group have delivered over 400 cemetery feasibility studies, ninety cemetery planning applications and approximately fifty project deliveries in the past fifteen years. The company continues to grow in the crematorium sector with four successful crematorium planning applications approved, three in construction and six further crematorium projects at various stages of planning.

The CDS team are constantly reviewing and testing new ways of improving designs and developments in cemeteries and crematoria; of which all look at minimising energy consumption by utilising new technologies, driving down energy demand through passive building design and operation techniques. We look at challenging existing practices by adopting a design approach that has been developed holistically by our design team to minimise the carbon footprint of our developments.

Through our design approach The CDS Group aim to promote new ideas and technologies that we see as having a positive environmental benefit to the market sector and the environment as a whole.

Our in-house team of planners, architects, designers, environmental consultants, and drainage engineers are focused on providing a single point of contact throughout the project to ensure a seamless experience from inception to completion.


Obitus are a leading provider of bereavement audio visual, delivering music, webcast and tributes for families and funeral directors at over 60 leading funeral venues throughout the UK.


PlotBox is a cloud based death care management solution that facilitates cemeteries in operating to world class standards. It is unique and significantly superior because unlike all other providers, it is the world's first solution to fully integrate two previously separate functions - software and mapping. The number and scope of problems this innovation solves, revolutionises the way death care facilities both operate and grow, it will change the landscape of cemetery management forever.

The Columbaria Company

Suppliers to over 180 Local Authorities and the private sector since 1990. We have a comprehensive range of "After Cremation" memorials including babies and children's memorials. Bespoke memorials our speciality

The London Cremation Company

The London Cremation Company plc is Great Britain’s oldest cremation authority and its principal activities are carrying out cremations and providing memorials at its crematoria.

It owns and operates crematoria at Woking, Surrey, Great Britain’s first crematorium, its most famous at Golders Green in London, St Marylebone in London, Banbury in North Oxfordshire, Garden of England in Sittingbourne, Kent, and Thames View Crematorium and Cemetery in Gravesend Kent.

The ultimate parent undertaking is The Cremation Society of Great Britain (a registered charity no. 209978) which is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales. The Cremation Society of Great Britain is this Company’s controlling party.


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