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The Cremation Society of Great Britain

The Cremation Society of Great Britain

The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities

The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities


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The London Cremation Company

The London Cremation Company plc is Great Britain’s oldest cremation authority and its principal activities are carrying out cremations and providing memorials at its crematoria.

It owns and operates crematoria at Woking, Surrey, Great Britain’s first crematorium, its most famous at Golders Green in London, St Marylebone in London, Banbury in North Oxfordshire, Garden of England in Sittingbourne, Kent, and Thames View Crematorium and Cemetery in Gravesend Kent.

The ultimate parent undertaking is The Cremation Society of Great Britain (a registered charity no. 209978) which is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales. The Cremation Society of Great Britain is this Company’s controlling party.

Promotional Information

Cemetery Development Services Ltd.

Our extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of cemetery, crematorium and mausoleum feasibility, design and development, along with the technical expertise in groundwater risk assessments and drainage management, has made Cemetery Development Services one of the leading international brands. We combine creativity with sound technical expertise. With a single point of contact, this experience allows us to manage your entire project from inception to implementation and development completion. Following many successful planning applications, CDS have developed a strong team to accommodate the growing demand for new crematoria and have numerous projects at various stages of the planning and development.



We specialise in supply, engraving and installation of quality teak memorial and commemorative benches. We have a wide range of benches available that has been put together to give you a choice depending on location, taste and budget. Using our computer controlled engraving machine we can supply you faster and cheaper than the traditional hand carved option. We also produce oak grave markers.

Ashes With Art

Ashes With Art make the very finest cremation jewellery and glass art memorials in their inspirational studio. As the only company with both a leading contemporary fused glass artist and master jeweller, Ashes With Art create the most exquisite and unique pieces that make timeless and stunning tributes to celebrate the life and love of those special individuals who have passed.

ATI Environment UK Ltd

ATI Environment UK Ltd., established in 1930, is a leading manufacturer of cremation and mercury abatement equipment which serves a worldwide market. ATI provide a comprehensive service for crematoria, covering cremation and mercury abatement equipment and all ancillary equipment. ATI also offer a very competitive and comprehensive service and maintenance plan for all types of cremators. For further information and enquires please contact: Mr Lekh Raj Tel. 01438 344380 Mobile: 07739 342683

Canfly Marketing

Canfly Marketing is the market leader for luxury presentation bags for the funeral and crematoria Industry offering free design services and full colour in a range of sizes suitable for Urns, Caskets, Scatter Tubes and Jewellery or can manufacture a bespoke size to suit your requirements. Branding Services include developing a brand identity usage guidelines, Logo Design, Brochure and stationery design and print.

Cemetery Development Services Ltd.

Our extensive depth and breadth of knowledge and experience of cemetery, crematorium and mausoleum feasibility, design and development, along with the technical expertise in groundwater risk assessments and drainage management, has made Cemetery Development Services one of the leading international brands. We combine creativity with sound technical expertise. With a single point of contact, this experience allows us to manage your entire project from inception to implementation and development completion. Following many successful planning applications, CDS have developed a strong team to accommodate the growing demand for new crematoria and have numerous projects at various stages of the planning and development.

Clear Skies Software

Clear Skies Software provides comprehensive range of computer systems for the administration of crematoria and cemeteries. The systems include internet booking system, internet genealogy system, internet memorial system mapping and memorial risk assessment (including for mobile devices).

Crystal Memorials

design unique cremation keepsakes for the funeral industry.

Davies & Co. (Environmental) Ltd

Davies & Co (Environmental) Ltd is an independent company specialising in the emission testing of cremation equipment abated and unabated in conformance with current legislation. We provide a thorough and competitive service being MCertS certified and follow EN standards for testing.

We will produce comprehensive reports in line with the requirements of the environmental agencies. Also offering a service for calibration and testing of site monitoring instrumentation and dust extraction systems ensuring compliance performance.

Edge IT Systems

Founded over 30 years ago Edge IT Systems pioneered software solutions and support for, initially, Town and Parish Councils. We were again pioneers of cloud computing in the 2000's and now serve a wide variety of authorities and businesses with a suite of software covering many activities. Epitaph for Cemeteries, Crematoria and Natural Burial Grounds remains at the cutting edge but guaranteed by experience

Facultatieve Technologies Ltd

Facultatieve Technologies, being a member of 'the Facultatieve Group' with over 140 years of experience in cremation, is an international market leader in design, construction and maintenance of cremators and incinerators. FT are designers, manufacturers and installation professionals of cremators, mercury abatement systems and a full range of ancillary equipment including coffin loading machines, foetal remains cremators and ash processing cremulators.

FG Marshall Ltd

Specialist provider of high quality registers and books of remembrance, hand penned calligraphy and artwork.

Fibrous Funeral Supplies

Fibrous has been supplying the bereavement industry for over 70 years. Founded in 1944, the business has been built on sourcing, developing and supplying quality products to local authorities, cemeteries and crematoria and funeral directors.

In 2015 Fibrous was acquired by Rowland Brothers Trade Ltd, the commercial arm of Rowland Brothers Ltd, the pioneering South London firm of funeral directors. The new management has invested in significantly increasing the stock, in new technology infrastructure and more staff.

Fibrous can offer a next day delivery on its most popular items.

Please visit www.fibrous.com for our full range.

Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers' Association

We have developed the most comprehensive coffin, casket and shroud certification scheme in conjunction with the FBCA, ICCM, APCC & CSGB. The FFMA scheme is the ONLY scheme to have had many meetings and site inspections by the FBCA, ICCM, APCC & CSGB to develop the testing protocol. Our scheme is fully endorsed by these associations.

Funeral Products

Funeral Products is an international wholesaler, specialising in ethically sourced Remembrance items. Since 2005 we have primarily been known for our extensive line up of these items; more recently we have shifted to become a complete and value-added partner for our clients. In 2017 we completed a corporate transition and set up an office here in the UK. This strategic transition enables us to take a localised approach to how we service our client's needs.


Granart have been working closely with cemeteries and crematoriums throughout the UK for many years, and appreciate that after sales care is equally as important as the initial contact in this sensitive profession. Granart have been creating bespoke memorialisation schemes for more than 30 years. We are a family business, and pride ourselves on customer intimacy and attention to detail.

Greenbridge Designs

Greenbridge Designs continually strives to innovate, design and deliver excellent products. We have a complete range of LACO compliant mausoleum and burial vaults and an exciting range of cremation memorials. In addition to the range of products available from our brochure, we can create bespoke products to meet your specific needs and as a fully accredited building company, can manage the entire project from design through to build and beyond.

IFZW Maintenance Ltd.

IFZW designs, manufactures and installs cremation systems and accessories. We have the experience to produce tailor-made cremation plant to suit individual requirements because we know that no two facilities are alike and different locations require differentiated solutions. Our facilities allow us to optimally support our steadily rising number of customers around the world.

JC Atkinson & Sons Limited

JC Atkinson and Sons Limited are committed to providing exceptional quality products, consistently and reliably, by understanding how precious loved ones are. Our commitment to you ensures that we do everything that we can to help at this difficult time. We aim to provide the highest standard of ethically hand-crafted products, while maintaining exceptional levels of quality & customer care. We are an award winning, eco-friendly company, who are Fairtrade, FFMA, Forest Stewardship Council Certified and Carbon Trust Standard bearers, offering choice with the highest and unrivalled environmental standards in our sector.

Lyn Oakes Ltd

With a family heritage built over one hundred years within the clothing industry, Lyn Oakes established his own label in the 1980s. Establishing himself within the funeral trade as the leading supplier of uniforms, Lyn Oakes built foundations on providing high quality garments with excellent service. The business has evolved to supply uniforms across several industry sectors, including hotels and choirs with bespoke or off the peg designs apt to the requirements of the client.


Obitus are a leading provider of bereavement audio visual, delivering music, webcast and tributes for families and funeral directors at over 60 leading funeral venues throughout the UK.


OrthoMetals is a family owned and operated business and we have created the concept of recycling metals remaining after cremation. We have been doing this for more then twenty years with a sole focus on servicing crematoria. Our personal commitment guarantees complete control and transparency of the recycling process for you. Please visit us at our booth at the CBCE 2019.

PJ Combustion Solutions Ltd

PJ Combustion Solutions Ltd (CSL) has been undertaking PPM contracts on all types of Cremators and ancillary equipment since 2002. We are currently contracted to provide service and maintenance at over 20 sites in the UK and Republic of Ireland. As agents for DFW Europe, we have been involved with the installation of new cremators, abatement equipment and high speed Ash Processors at 5 large sites. CSL are currently contracted to provide servicing and ongoing maintenance at these sites on a long term basis. CSL are Gas Safe registered and are CHAS accredited


PlotBox is a cloud based death care management solution that facilitates cemeteries in operating to world class standards. It is unique and significantly superior because unlike all other providers, it is the world's first solution to fully integrate two previously separate functions - software and mapping. The number and scope of problems this innovation solves, revolutionises the way death care facilities both operate and grow, it will change the landscape of cemetery management forever.

Resomation Ltd

Resomation – also known as water cremation– is the environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation.

Giving people a new choice at the end of life, water cremation is a gentler, more natural option that uses water instead of flame to return the body to ashes. As with flame cremation, customers can opt for a traditional funeral ceremony and will have the ashes to treasure as they wish.

Resomation Ltd is the company pioneering this new end of life option.
www.resomation.com / info@resomation.com

Secure Haven Urns & Keepsakes Ltd

Secure Haven Urns and Keepsakes Ltd designs, manufactures and distributes some innovative cremation products. Managing Director Cheryl Yarwood, has scoured the globe to find and develop a range of products that provide different options for laying loved one’s ashes to rest or store close by for comfort. This range includes biodegradable urns, brass cremation urns and keepsakes. We have also designed a beautiful collection of silver keepsake jewellery including pendants, cufflinks, memorial beads and double chamber pieces.

See You Groothandel BV

the defining characteristic of our keepsake jewelry is the integration of visible ashes or hair into the design of every piece. with our innovative and distinguished designs we are confident our jewelry will meet the atmost satisfaction. Produced in sterling silver,9,14 and 18kt gold.

SOS Supplies

Delicately handcrafted Tree of Life Memorial Sculptures, Bird-splashes and Woodland Sculptures transform your gathering spaces into spiritual communal venues.

Similarly, our ‘Memorial Stars’ and expressive plaques complement the bereavement service that you provide to your families.

Stone Safe Stability System

Stone Safe Stability system fully complies with new British Standards BS8415 of 2018.

Teleshore Group Of Companies

Teleshore Group of companies supply the widest range of products and services to the bereavement industry in the UK Grave shoring, grave presentation, coffin handling and lowering. Cremation tray safety systems and all consumables and memorial products. Memorial inspection testing and repair by our BRAMM. Competence assessed training in all cemetery functions.

The Columbaria Company

Suppliers to over 180 Local Authorities and the private sector since 1990. We have a comprehensive range of "After Cremation" memorials including babies and children's memorials. Bespoke memorials our speciality


Treske are the leading UK Crematorium furniture suppliers. Treske have expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of the full range of furniture and furnishings that are required for new and refurbished crematoriums. Treske take great care over the development of designs and furniture for crematoriums, chapels and funeral parlours. Each client will have an individual approach to developing their designs and proposal. Concepts are developed into a full proposal which will include costings, ready to submit for final approval.

Vezzani Cremation

Vezzani Cremation is an industry leader in the engineering, design, construction and installation of Crematory Ovens and Hospital wastes incinerator plants, thought and made for a secure and fast cremation/incineration.

Thanks to our technicians’ experience and expertise, we can meet any requirement: indeed, we can design and build customized systems based on customer specifications, in compliance with our hallmark standards of high quality and reliability.

welters organisation worldwide

The welters® family have been involved in solutions design for over three generations, from hand crafted pieces to high volume manufacturing, and are active within the Livery Companies of the City of London. The existing welters® organisation worldwide of today has over thirty years’ experience in design, manufacture and installation of interment and memorial schemes for Cemeteries and Crematoria. This includes the introduction and prolific establishment of burial chamber and memorial housings as well as modular cell constructed mausolea facilities across the UK.

Wesley Media

For the past 20 years, Wesley Media have been providing audiovisual software and solutions specially tailored for use in ceremony venues. We are made up of a team of music and technology experts that are dedicated to finding exactly the right media for our clients. We work with families to create uniquely personal ceremonies, and with event organisers including celebrants and funeral directors to provide a seamless and second-to-none service to their many customers. We were the first to recognise this need, and we continue to lead the market.