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The Cremation Society of Great Britain

The Cremation Society of Great Britain

The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities

The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities


The Association of Private Crematoria and Cemeteries

The Association can trace its roots back to 1924. Today it represents 55 crematoria and 13 cemeteries. The prime aim of the Association is to provide quiet surroundings for the bereaved by ensuring that the highest professional standards are applied to every aspect of cremation and cemetery services. The private sector have met the needs of both rural and urban communities by developing and operating 48 out of 56 new crematoria opened since 1985 – over 85% of the total. Such developments have had a very beneficial effect on the environment by significantly reducing the distance and the time it takes the bereaved to reach their nearest crematorium and/or cemetery.


CDS Group

The CDS Group have delivered over 400 cemetery feasibility studies, ninety cemetery planning applications and approximately fifty project deliveries in the past fifteen years. The company continues to grow in the crematorium sector with four successful crematorium planning applications approved, three in construction and six further crematorium projects at various stages of planning.

The CDS team are constantly reviewing and testing new ways of improving designs and developments in cemeteries and crematoria; of which all look at minimising energy consumption by utilising new technologies, driving down energy demand through passive building design and operation techniques. We look at challenging existing practices by adopting a design approach that has been developed holistically by our design team to minimise the carbon footprint of our developments.

Through our design approach The CDS Group aim to promote new ideas and technologies that we see as having a positive environmental benefit to the market sector and the environment as a whole.

Our in-house team of planners, architects, designers, environmental consultants, and drainage engineers are focused on providing a single point of contact throughout the project to ensure a seamless experience from inception to completion.



Obitus are a leading provider of bereavement audio visual, delivering music, webcast and tributes for families and funeral directors at over 60 leading funeral venues throughout the UK.



OpusXenta is a global technology provider to the death care sector with a presence across North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We are focused on solving the complex challenges that funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematorium encounter every day so that they can focus on what is most important - serving their families.

We provide a complete solution for your entire business through our comprehensive range of products and enable our customers to create operational excellence while also delivering amazing customer service.



PlotBox is a cloud based death care management solution that facilitates cemeteries in operating to world class standards. It is unique and significantly superior because unlike all other providers, it is the world's first solution to fully integrate two previously separate functions - software and mapping. The number and scope of problems this innovation solves, revolutionises the way death care facilities both operate and grow, it will change the landscape of cemetery management forever.


The Columbaria Company

The Columbaria Company have been supplying both Local Authorities and the private sector since 1990 and are part of the Odlings Group who have been supplying Memorial Masons around the UK since 1870. We offer a comprehensive range of After cremation memorials to both crematoriums and cemeteries along with our award winning babies and children’s memorial features. Our “Dear Mum” range has been very well received by S.A.N.D.S and other organisations around the UK. Cardiff City Council are on schedule to open the UK’s largest “Dear Mum” garden in July 2021 after it was postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic. The garden has been specially commissioned and will include dozens of granite features for Western cemetery and will form part of their new Garden of remembrance. The “Dear Mum”storybook for children is available in both English and Welsh language. As a company we are addressing both the carbon Footprint and Bio Diversity issues that are at the forefront of Local Authorities.

We now have a new creative and design team of 6 people who can produce bespoke UK manufactured memorials including our memorial Mulberry Trees, Willow Trees and other Trees which are still in the early stages of development. We can now offer coloured glass leaves as well as other coloured glass Tear Drops, Butterflies, Fruits, flowers including Poppies. All manufactured by 4 companies within a carbon footprint of a quarter of a mile of our premises. Please ask about our Bio Diversity concepts which are due to be launched at 7 locations in July/August.


The London Cremation Company

The London Cremation Company plc is Great Britain’s oldest cremation authority and its principal activities are carrying out cremations and providing memorials at its crematoria.

It owns and operates crematoria at Woking, Surrey, Great Britain’s first crematorium, its most famous at Golders Green in London, St Marylebone in London, Banbury in North Oxfordshire, Garden of England in Sittingbourne, Kent, and Thames View Crematorium and Cemetery in Gravesend Kent.

The ultimate parent undertaking is The Cremation Society of Great Britain (a registered charity no. 209978) which is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales. The Cremation Society of Great Britain is this Company’s controlling party.



Canfly Marketing

Supplying crematoriums in the UK and Ireland Canfly Marketing is the number one choice for beautifully branded cremated remains ash boxes and presentation bags.

Ash boxes are available in 4 or 5 litre sizes both folding and rigid. The crash lock bottom in the folding box ensures easy assembly and ease of storage.

Both presentation bags and ash boxes are designed with no limit to colour or images and with foiling options. Fully biodegradable products are also available.

Canfly Marketing provides an excellent graphic design service free of charge thus ensuring a beautifully branded product and is striving to offer premium products cost effectively to local authorities and the private sector.


CCB Supplies

CCB Supplies manufactures a wide range of robust crematorium equipment for the bereavement industry. Our crematorium products such as our cremation trays, cremation tray lifter and shoring sleeves have proven to be popular among customers. This is because of the high quality & spec of our equipment, along with our ability to produce bespoke items, innovate and better improve on current product.


Edge IT Systems

Epitaph is the Cemetery and Crematorium management software from EDGE IT SYSTEMS LTD.

With thirty years’ experience in the sector, EDGE have remained as pioneers at the forefront of developing technology. Epitaph became cloud based in 2007 and EDGE were the first to offer SaaS (Software as a service). Our business model of leasing rather than selling the software has empowered Bereavement Service professionals to adopt Epitaph without capital outlay. Being in the cloud enables us to provide the latest version of the software to all our clients.

Epitaph has championed the paperless office, allowing all paperwork and images to be electronically saved to the appropriate record. This has proved invaluable through the recent lockdown and working from home.

Epitaph has fully integrated mapping which can also be placed on a client’s webpage, allowing the public to carry out their own genealogical searches. Clients can take Epitaph to the cemetery with them on any smart device with full access to records and maps.

Epitaph for crematoria supports a full memorial sales management suite where records of contact and response enable efficient management of the process.

As of 2020 we have been accepted onto the Everything ICT procurement platform. Managers’ can now securely sign up to Epitaph without the necessity of their own procurement process and all that entails.

Epitaph remains the trusted management solution chosen by Bereavement Service professionals across the country.

For further information please visit our website www.edgeitsystems.com/epitaph or email us at info@edgeitsystems.com

Facultatieve Technologies Ltd

Facultatieve Technologies, being a member of 'the Facultatieve Group' with over 140 years of experience in cremation, is an international market leader in design, construction and maintenance of cremators and incinerators. Our products meet the most stringent environmental legislation ensuring we can supply reliable and fully automated equipment worldwide.

Facultatieve Technologies are designers, manufacturers and installation professionals of cremators, mercury abatement systems and a full range of ancillary equipment including coffin loading machines, foetal remains cremators and ash processing cremulators. Facultatieve Technologies offers emission testing, mechanical and electrical repairs, computer upgrades plus a comprehensive spare parts service to all makes and models of cremator and all aspects of routine maintenance and repairs; our on-line diagnostics means that we can view any problems remotely and often solve them without the need for an engineer to attend site.


FG Marshall Ltd

F.G. Marshall is a specialist provider of high quality Books of Remembrance, registers, hand penned calligraphy and artwork. We supplied the very first Book of Remembrance to Woking Crematorium in 1938. Since then, hundreds of crematoria, in the UK and overseas have adopted our pioneering concept.

In 1899, our founder, Frederick George Marshall, was born into a family with a long history of stone masonry and letter-cutting. This connection with churches and memorials evidently had a powerful effect on the young Frederick. In 1933, after years of research and development, he introduced the 'Book of Remembrance' as a way for people to commemorate their loved ones in the crematoriums that were becoming more widespread in Britain.

The Second World War saw a huge increase in the demand for commemorative artwork and craftsmanship, and FG Marshall gained an international reputation for the quality of its work. More than 83 years later, we’ve remained true to our roots, with all our books and manuscripts created by hand, in-house, by our teams of specialist calligraphers, book-binders and artists.


Greenbridge Designs

Greenbridge Designs continually strives to innovate, design and deliver excellent products. We have a complete range of LACO compliant mausoleum and burial vaults and an exciting range of cremation memorials. In addition to the range of products available from our brochure, we can create bespoke products to meet your specific needs and as a fully accredited building company, can manage the entire project from design through to build and beyond.

For further information please visit our website www.greenbridgedesigns.com


At GriefChat, we believe professional bereavement support should always be accessible to those in need.

We support organisations in helping those dealing with grief by providing them with a safe space for bereaved people to be able to share their story, explore their feelings and be supported by a qualified bereavement counsellor, through a secure online instant chat.

For more information, email info@griefchat.co.uk or visit griefchat.co.uk/Partner

Resomation Ltd

Resomation – also known as water cremation– is the environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation.

Giving people a new choice at the end of life, water cremation is a gentler, more natural option that uses water instead of flame to return the body to ashes. As with flame cremation, customers can opt for a traditional funeral ceremony and will have the ashes to treasure as they wish.

Resomation Ltd is the company pioneering this new end of life option.
www.resomation.com / info@resomation.com